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Tips to stop your emails from being marked as spam

This guide is meant for the end user not a systems administrator. If you are a systems administrator please contact us for advice/consultancy.

HELP! Why are my emails being sent to my recipient’s JUNK email box and being marked as SPAM?

Why not download our small 1 page troubleshooting PDF guide which you can print out and refer to. Feel free to read on though.

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The basics of how email works

To understand this problem you need to have basic understanding of how email works.

An email account is provided by an Email Service Provider (ESP).  An ESP hosts the servers where email messages are stored and monitored.

Your recipient may also use an email client (or application) to manage their email account.  An email client can be locally installed (for example Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail) which means emails are dowloaded onto a PC or laptop where they are managed.  Or it may be a web-based email client (often termed a Webmail client) where email accounts are managed online through a web-browser.  Examples of ESPs and webmail clients include FieldIT (Fitmail), Windows Live Hotmail, Googlemail and so on.  The advantage of using a webmail client is the ability to access your email account from anywhere there is internet access. 

It is worth noting the difference between Windows Live Mail which is an email client and Windows Live Hotmail which is a webmail service (an email service provider and web-based email client).

What to consider when trying to prevent your emails from being spammed.

Now you know the basics of how email works, you can see that there are potentially two points at which email can be marked as spam and moved to a recipients spam or junk mailbox; when the message reaches the email service provider or when the message moves on to the email client.

Why are my emails being marked as spam?

ESP and email/webmail clients use a number of different methods to detect spam/junk email.  These methods can be complex to understand, but two more easily understandable examples include detection based on email content (including content, non-content and high risk keywords) and detection based on the email address of the sender (for example blocking emails from addresses most likely to be sending spam).

What can I do to stop this happening?

There are many different automatic detection methods employed by ESPs and email clients to filter out spam, many of which cannot not be changed.  There are however some settings that can be changed and things that you or your recipient can do to reduce the likelihood of your emails being marked as spam.

  • Avoid the use of certain high risk words in emails you are sending.  There are many sites on the internet which provide lists of words to avoid in order to help reduce the likelihood of you emails being marked as spam. 
  • Add links only to legitimate reputable websites.
  • Ensure the ratio of images to text is balanced and ensure emails don’t become too large in size.
  • Set up clear email addresses rather than random numbers and letters for example rainbows.customerservice@fitmail.co.uk rather than 1552po5@fitmail.co.uk.
  • Ask your recipient to add your email address to their ‘safe’ email address list.  Remember your ESP spam filter settings may be different to those of you email client.  For example you may find that the emails which are marked as spam in your FieldIT (Fitmail) webmail account are different to those marked as spam after they have been through he process of being downloaded into Microsoft Outlook.

Further notes on spam settings

  • It should be noted that there is a known bug with Windows Live Mail whereby you may not be able to add a sender to your safe list.
  • If you use local email client it is advised that you turn off the spam filter at the ESP/webmail level, so that you manage your spam filters at a single point during their journey to you local inbox.  For example if you use FieldIT(Fitmail) /Hotmail/Google ESP and Microsoft Outlook to manage your FieldIT(Fitmail) /Hotmail/Google ESP email account, turn off the FieldIT(Fitmail) /Hotmail/Google ESP spam filter and use the Microsoft Outlook settings to manage you spam settings.

Why am I getting email rejection notifications and what can I do to stop this happening?

  • Some email service providers blacklist certain email address descriptions.  Hotmail and BT email addresses are regularly black listed by other email providers. 
  • Some servers block specific files and links.  If you email is being rejected try sending a blank email to the same recipient.  If the email is accepted then the problem lies with your email content or attached file. If your blank email is also rejected then the problem most likely lies with the content of you actual email address.   If this is a persistent problem then try switching to a new provider.
  • It is unlikely that a FieldIT Fitmail email address will be black listed due to it being a small select service as opposed to other larger providers.



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